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Our finances are always a work in progress. And no matter who you are or how much money you have, life happens. Money will come, and it will go–money is always in motion, just as our lives are in motion and continually changing. We enter the world as babies and grow into teenagers and young adults. We become employees and employers. We get married. We have families. Our families grow up. We grow older. We retire. We are consumers at every stage. Our wants and our needs continually change. We make smart decisions with our money, and we make those we later regret. We learn from both our successes and our regrets.


Time to make sure you're you! Only the person that was issued the login and password is authorized to take this program.

Type your login and password carefully, and make sure you include all dashes. Both the login and password are case sensitive, so take care entering it in.

After you enter the program we'll ask you some basic questions (demographics). Answer as many questions as you feel comfortable. After these questions we'd like to have you fill out a Pre-Assessment before you begin the course. Don't worry if you don't know all of the answers; that's the purpose of you taking this course! We like to collect this information because we're improving our programs all the time and the Pre-Assessment will help us do that. After the Pre-Assessment is finished you can move to Chapter 1. Read this completely and then you'll answer 4 review questions. Then you'll move on to read Chapters 2 through 8 and answer the 4 review questions for each chapter. After you've read all the chapters, you'll move on to a post test. So let's get started!

To start the program, click on the "student login" located on the tool bar above.

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